Friday, March 25, 2011

Spain’s Indra to Exhibit at LAAD (Latin American Aerospace Industry and Defence) in Brazil

Indra, an IT multinational in Spain and one of the largest in Europe and Latin America will attend this year's biennial exhibition Latin American Aerospace and Defense LAAD, to be held in Rio de Janeiro from 12 to 15 April.

The company will showcase its solutions it border surveillance , command and control , military communications systems , air defense, surveillance radar , unmanned platforms , electronic defense systems and simulation solutions , among others.

In the field of border control, the company will release its External Surveillance System. Indra's solution is implemented in much of the Spanish coast, and in Portugal, Romania, Lithuania and Hong Kong. Indra system monitors and more than 3,000 km of borders in the world.

In aerial surveys, the company will show in your system LAAD Launches 3D radar. This system is one of the key elements of early warning network that protects the entire Spanish airspace. Launches 3D radar has also been acquired by Portugal and Uruguay.

Another area in which Indra will demonstrate its experience is the Unmanned Platforms. The company will present at the fair their mini UAV Mantis, a system designed to be carried by one or two people and provides ability to image several miles in real time.

Indra references in this type of solution highlights the successful deployment of tactical UAV system that the Spanish Army currently uses in Afghanistan. The company's latest addition to the development of an unmanned helicopter, called Pelican, designed specifically to carry out maritime surveillance and may embark on military vessels. It also participates in numerous European R & D related to these technologies.

Emergency management

One area of growing demand in which Indra is the leader and will announce to those attending the fair in Rio de Janeiro is the system of command and control . The need to ensure security within their own borders of each country is taking in recent years to deploy technologies that improve the coordination of the various security and police forces involved in emergencies.

The company will showcase its extensive experience in implementing such solutions. For example, Indra has implemented the Integrated Center of Security and Emergency (CISEM), which manages all major incidents and events with massive public support held in the city of Madrid. It has also provided the Military Emergency Unit (UME) with a Military Integrated Emergency Management (SIMG) which is a command and control system to detect hazardous situations and coordinate the activities of the Unit. The system has been tested successfully for coordinating operations to combat forest fires, snowstorms and floods, among others.

Other solutions that Indra will LAAD are the satellite communications systems for submarines T-SUB, the system alerts ALR-400 radar that carry the A400M military transport aircraft, as well as solutions to counter CBRN threats. Also show a demo of the simulation center Aeromóviles Spanish forces, the FAMET, which have Indra simulators to train helicopter pilots Cougar, Chinook and Tigre.

Indra has a strong presence in Latin America and operates in Brazil since 1996, which has offices in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. The company collaborates with recurrent armed forces of this country on projects related to military satellite communications, radar and defense electronics systems. In addition, Indra has gained a strong position in Brazil in markets government , telecommunications , and industry and consumption .

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