Thursday, April 14, 2011

BAE Systems Exhibits at Navy League

BAE Systems will showcase products and capabilities that offer affordable, adaptive solutions at the Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition, April 11-13 at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md.

The BAE Systems exhibit (booth #1419) [will exhibit] technologies, equipment and services that reduce costs and enhance the performance, safety, and mission success of U.S. maritime and naval operations at sea and ashore, including:

-- Readiness & sustainment, and modernization
From preparation and training programs to maintenance, repair, overhaul, and enhancement services, BAE Systems supports the operational readiness of the U.S. Navy’s fleet as a leading provider of non-nuclear ship repair, maintenance, and modernization services. Products and services to be highlighted include automated weapon assembly, cruiser modernizations, and dry dock services.

-- Maritime C4I
BAE Systems designs, develops, integrates and installs the U.S. Navy’s core Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting solution, the Distributed Common Ground System – Navy. DCGS-N increases situational awareness and data collaboration in a multi-tiered intelligence environment and supports the Information Dominance mission of the U.S. Navy. Products and services on display will include the Artisan 3D radar, combat management systems, and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting systems.

--Situational awareness
BAE Systems will highlight a unique High Frequency Over-The-Horizon radar (HFSWR) capability, which provides coverage beyond conventional line of sight radars. Incorporating a number of technological innovations, the HFSWR system provides enhanced availability of accurate information with rapid updates, reducing the need for expensive air and sea patrols.

--Power projection
BAE Systems develops technology to support power projection and provides the U.S. Navy with reliable effect capabilities that meet mission requirements for advanced weapon systems. Products and services on display will include the Advanced Gun System - Lite, Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, the 155-millimeter Long Range Land Attack Projectile, 5-inch Long Range Land Attack Projectile, and 10-millimeter Electromagnetic Railgun.

--Sea control
BAE Systems supports weapon system technology and platform developments to meet challenging mission requirements and provides a sea-based layer of defense for U.S. and allied security needs. Products and services highlighted include the 57-millimeter Mk 110 Mod 0, 57-millimeter Mk295/296 ammunition, and Archerfish mine neutralizer.

-- Force protection
BAE Systems is a leader in naval force protection, supplying the small-boat defeating system developed in response to the attack on the USS Cole and developing technologies to address the threats of today and tomorrow. The company is developing advanced directed-energy systems including the Tactical Laser System, which couples a solid-state high-energy laser with existing U.S. Navy gun mounts to provide extremely precise targeting and counter-material disabling effects. Products and services on display will include the 25-millimeter Mk38 Mod 2 with Tactical Laser System module.

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