Sunday, July 25, 2010

U.S., Japanese warships take part in Russian Navy Day festivities

Several U.S. and Japanese warships are taking part in celebrations dedicated to the Russian Navy Day, a spokesperson for the Russian Pacific Fleet said on Sunday.

"Two groups of U.S. and Japanese warships, which arrived on Friday in the Pacific Fleet's main naval base [in Vladivostok] on an unofficial visit, are taking part in the festivities," the spokesperson said.

A U.S. mine sweeper and a frigate, and a Japanese destroyer and a frigate have lined up in the Vladivostok harbor alongside the Russian warships, led by missile cruiser Varyag.

The visit will continue through July 27 and includes brief joint drills to promote closer ties between navies in the Asia Pacific region.

Russia celebrates the Navy Day on the last Sunday of July.

The festivities usually include a military parade, a number of sport and cultural events and an exhibition of skills by naval personnel.

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