Monday, July 26, 2010

Su-34 Frontline Bombers Proved Their Superior Operational Capabilities and Flight Performance

The Russian Air Force’s in-service Su-34s designed by the Sukhoi Company have proved their superior operational capabilities and flight performance in the East-2010 military exercises held in July. In performance of the operational mission a non-stop flight was carried out from the European part of Russia to the Far East with in-flight refueling and subsequent attack as per task assigned.

Soon it is planned to increase the operational capability of the aircraft by adding new aerial munitions, announced the Director General of Sukhoi Mikhail Pogosyan today at the press conference at the Farnborough International Airshow-2010.

The Su-34 frontline bomber will form the core of Russia's front-line air strike capability, and is a worthy successor to the Su-24M all-weather, day and night-time frontline bomber. Serial production of the Su-34 has been set up at the Chkalov Aviation Production Association in Novosibirsk, which is a part of the Sukhoi holding company. In 2008 a five-year contract was signed with the government to supply the Russian Defense Ministry with 32 serial-production aircraft. In time, the Su-34 will replace virtually the entire fleet of Su-24 frontline bombers that are currently in service.

The Su-34 can effectively attack land-based, sea- and airborne targets by day and night in all weathers using the entire suite of its airborne munitions, including high-precision types. In terms of operational capabilities this is a 4+ aircraft. Its active safety system, along with the newest computers, provides extra capabilities for the pilot and navigator to perform aimed bombing and to maneuver under enemy fire. The excellent aerodynamics, large capacity internal fuel tanks, fuel-efficient bypass engines with a digital control system, in-flight refueling device and add-on fuel tanks enable the aircraft to fly long distances close to those of medium strategic bombers.

The aircraft features an outstanding flight performance, maintainability and maneuverability. It has long-range aiming systems and modern onboard devices for communications and information exchange with on-land control posts, ground troops, surface ships and in-flight aircraft. The Su-34 uses highly effective long-range air-to-surface and air-to-air guided weapons enabling multi-channel operational employment. It is fitted with a smart anti-radar defense system. The Su-34 has a sophisticated survival system, including an armored cockpit. The aircraft can perform missions at a low altitude in by-pass and fly-by modes.

In 1999, the Su-34 frontline bomber set eight world records, including one in a horizontal flight with a payload of 5,000 kg.

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