Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Armoured Wheeled Vehicles for Swedish Military

Over the next few years, the Swedish armed forces will receive 113 armored wheeled vehicles. Following an international competitive tender, FMV has now decided to give the order to the Finnish company Patria Land & Armament Oy.

The order, which includes 113 Patria vehicles as well as supporting equipment, is worth about SEK 2,5 billion (EUR 260 million). Delivery will begin in 2012 and the vehicles will be fully operational by 2014, with an option to purchase an additional 113 vehicles.

“We have the task of finding the most cost effective solution for the Swedish Armed Forces,” says FMV's Director General Gunnar Holmgren. “The international wheeled vehicle market is large, and highly competitive.”

FMV has evaluated bids from five bidders based on Armed Forces requirements, including performance, economy, and reliability of delivery. The evaluation showed that the Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) is the vehicle that best meets the Swedish Armed Forces requirements.

The agreement with Patria requires industry cooperation for 100 percent of the total order. Swedish manufacturers Scania (engines), SSAB (steel armor), and Ã…kers Krutbruk (protection) are already designated as subcontractors. Suspension and electronics will also come from other Swedish companies.

AMV is a modern armored eight-wheeled vehicle with a high standard of protection, mobility, and accessibility. The AMV has been produced since 2004 and is used operationally by countries such as Finland and Poland, as well as for operations in Afghanistan.

The procurement was mandated to FMV by the Armed Forces. The procedure follows the strategy for defence equipment acquisition as approved by the Swedish Parliament. When new equipment is to be developed or acquired, priority is given to the purchase of existing equipment in the market or to joint international development projects. In a few areas of strategic importance, completely new equipment is developed in Sweden.

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