Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simulator Training Centre for Arjun tank inaugurated

A state-of-the art Simulator Training Centre (STC) for Arjun Main Battle Tank to train the gunner, commander and driver was inaugurated by Lt.Gen. Dalip Bhardwaj, PVSM, VSM, Director-General, Mechanised Forces, Army Headquarters at the Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) on Friday.

The simulator consists of a turret simulator and driving simulator. While the turret simulator helps the gunner and commander to practise target engagement, tracking, laying and firing, the driving simulator aids the driver to practise driving related exercises under dawn, dusk, fog, rain and poor visibility conditions with obstacles and undulated terrain.

S. Sundaresh, Distinguished Scientist, Chief Controller, R and D (ACE), R. Shankar, DCV and E, DRDO Headquarters, and P. Sivakumar, Director, CVRDE, and V.N. Swamiraj, Additional Director (Simulator), were present, according to a press release.

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