Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Raz Radar System Revolutionizes Rocket Defense

The Raz radar system is able to immediately and accurately detect rocket launch sites and threat levels

The new Raz radar system was used for the first time by the Artillery Corps, as part of its comprehensive implementation by the Ranging Unit of the IDF Northern Command. A model of the system began its trial period during Operation Cast Lead, during which it successfully pinpointed rocket launching sites and the locations where the rockets would land.

Recently, the system completed a comprehensive round of trials in southern Israel, with the radar system proving to even more efficient and accurate, and of more operational ease, than was expected. Within the framework of these trials, a joint test was conducted with the Iron Dome defensive interception system of the Israeli Air Force, and strong compatibility between the two systems was displayed.

“This system has the capabilities to track airplanes and drones, which will provide comprehensive defense against long and short range threats,” an official from GOC Headquarters said.

The Raz radar, which will replace the Nuriyut system currently being used, is able to identify rocket launches, determine their threat level according to the ammunition fired, and it can then calculate the estimated pathway of the rockets, with a launching range of 150 kilometers.

Additionally, the radar can cope with numerous launches simultaneously. The Raz then sends the acquired information to command and control systems of GOC Headquarters and the IAF. Thus, the IDF would be able to swiftly acquire precise information about the rockets, and effectively halt the attacks.

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