Monday, January 17, 2011

After Vihang Netra, SMEs float first mini-UAV

Within two years of developing the Vihang Netra, India’s first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the private sector built for the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment, a DRDO lab, a conglomeration of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is now ready with the country’s first, hand-launched mini-UAV— E-5.

Pune-based DEMA Mechatronic Technologies Pvt. Ltd (DMT) the manufacturing arm of the Defence Electronics Manufacturers Association (DEMA), which played a crucial role in the Vihang Netra exercise, has come up with the E-5, which was successfully tested on December 27 at the Gliding Centre in Hadapsar.

“This is the first time a UAV has been developed by a professional body and that too for being offered off-the-shelf. Traditionally, defence procurement is a laid down procedure that involves placing requirements followed by research, development and handing over. This time, we decided to develop the product and approach the Armed Forces with it. The UAV is ready and depending upon the end-user, which in this case could be the Armed Forces as well as paramilitary forces, we would customise the product further," said D S Kamlapurkar, former president, DEMA.

With a packing set that weighs 2.5 kg, the UAV can be backpacked and hand-launched. It’s battery operated with a maximum speed of 50 kmph and can be airborne for 45 minutes. “The maximum altitude is 1,500 metres. We have equipped it with a way point based GPS navigation, 2.4 GHz and 900 Mhz radio links and day/night use CCD camera. Given the size and ease of operations, this is the most suitable option for the Armed Forces to survey a region, carry out anti-insurgency missions...customs and coast guard missions, police and homeland security and so on. Applications such as fire fighting missions or pipeline and industrial monitoring can find use in a civilian set-up as well," added Kamlapurkar.

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  1. Weldone and congratulation to DEMA on its achievements and successes in producing Indian indigenious UAV. As an Asian and a foreigner we share this pride and hope to promote the sales of DEMMA UAV's for apparent civil application in our territory.
    Good luck and salam.

    Avionics Engineer, Managing Director
    Aero Resources & Services Sdn. Bhd.