Monday, February 28, 2011

Israel Military Industries’ Products at AUSA Winter

Various weapon systems developed by Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) will be represented by several U.S. defense industries at the upcoming Association of the United States Army's Institute of Land Warfare Winter Symposium & Exposition, February 23-25, at Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP) will present at their booth three of IMI's systems: two Active Protection kits - the IRON FIST Active Protection System for armored vehicles and SHOCK ABSORBER – man portable Active Protection System, aimed at protecting land forces from Anti-Tank missiles as well as the MPRS-Multi-Purpose Rifle System-designed to improve infantry performance on the modern battlefield.

IRON FIST is an advanced active protection system aimed at enhancing self defense capabilities of armored platforms, from light vehicles to heavy AFVs against modern battlefield threats. The system uses two layers of protection, including both passive and active sensors for threat detection, situational awareness and fire control. The first layer comprises an electro-optical 'soft kill' countermeasure, including both radar and IR sensors and the second layer employs a 'hard kill' interceptor that is launched against incoming threats. The system effectively defeats RPGs and guided missiles, as well as tank rounds, including KE rounds. In addition to the combined hard and soft kill protection, IRON FIST identifies the enemy firing positions, enabling rapid counterstrike and eliminating repeated attacks.

SHOCK ABSORBER - IMI's latest active defense system - is designed to protect dismounted infantry detachments and stationary posts, operating in hostile areas, where they are exposed to guided missile threats.

The lightweight system offers dismounts an effective, portable Electro-Optical situational awareness and soft-kill protection system that can easily be deployed on ground within minutes. The portable kit utilizes an electro-optical threat detection and an electro-optical directional jammer developed for the larger vehicle based Active Protection Systems. The design of the SHOCK ABSORBER is based on the proven technologies of the IRON FIST Active Protection System.

The integrated Multi Purpose Rifle System is designed to provide infantry warriors increased lethality and target engagement capabilities using programmable HE Air-Burst munitions. The MPRS displays a corrected aiming point for the proper elevation necessary for an accurate fire, and automatically sets the time delay fuse in the grenade to Air-Burst just before impact and at a preset altitude over the target, creating maximum lethality. In Time Delayed mode, the fuze can also be set to explode at a preset delay after an impact, enabling effective suppression of targets behind defilade or inside buildings. MPRS can be used on a variety of assault weapons carrying a 40 mm grenade launcher, including the M16/M4; AK47 Kalashnikov and the Tavor TAR-21, or on the M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher).

The 120 mm GPS-Guided Mortar bomb – dubbed 120GM Dagger - will be displayed at Rayhteon's booth.

The Mortar Bomb employs a weapon-grade hardened GPS and Internal Navigation System (INS) module, guiding the bomb in flight to hit the target's coordinates, which are preloaded to the bomb before firing. 120GM DAGGER is designed for 120 mm Mortar Systems and is effective against Infantry troops, Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs), fortified structures and bunkers.

In addition, the 120GM DAGGER provides the Infantry with a lethal, surgical strike capability to destroy targets beyond line of sight direct fire weapons. The point-target accuracy minimizes the amount of bombs needed per mission, in comparison to standard mortar bombs, thus ultimately reducing the logistics tail.

Esterline Defense Technologies is presenting IMI Rocket Systems Division's new Advanced IR Spectral Flares which are currently in use and combat proven by the Israeli Air Force. The infrared decoy flares are the only covert pyrotechnic flares on the market. The cutting-edge flares provide combat helicopters and a variety of aircraft with increased survivability – effectively protecting them against most advanced MANPADS.

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