Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Russia to Unveil New Combat Vehicle at IDEX 2011

At the 10th anniversary IDEX 2011, to be held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) from 20 to 24 February, Rosoboronexport is presenting the BMPT, a unique tank support combat vehicle. To this end, the ample capabilities of an interactive exhibition complex, based on modern visualization and 3D modelling technologies, will be used for the first time.

The BMPT is virtually unrivalled in the world: it is truly a new dawn in the world of armored vehicles. Experts note that the new Russian vehicle can operate both independently and jointly with tanks.

When tanks and BMPT are used together, the efficiency is achieved through allocation of targets: fortifications and heavily armored vehicles are destroyed by tanks, while manpower, antitank weapons and lightly armored vehicles are engaged by the BMPT.

Independently, the BMPT can be used to strengthen and support the infantry, escort and guard convoys and facilities, defeat terrorist groups.

The vehicle’s main armament fire-control system, based on a multi-channel sight (with optical and thermal channels) and a panoramic low-level TV sight, can detect and recognize small targets at long ranges, day and night, in bad weather and engage them with two 30mm 2A42 automatic cannons firing HE and AP projectiles. The ammunition load of is 850 rounds in two magazines.
The main armament system includes also two launchers with four supersonic Ataka-T ATGMs carrying HEAT and thermobaric warheads.

Secondary armament, consisting of two 30mm AG-17D automatic grenade launchers, is housed in armored compartments on the sides. The ammunition load consisting of 300 grenades for each AG-17D is located at the same place. The grenade launchers are remotely controlled and vertically stabilized. A 7.62mm machine gun coupled with the 30mm cannons is used as ancillary armament.
BMPT’s crew includes three operators enabling quick detection and simultaneous destruction of three different targets in the 360-degree sector at once. The targets are allocated among the crew members by the vehicle’s commander who himself can independently fire in duplicate control mode, if required.

During the BMPT development, particular attention was given to crew protection. The vehicle is low observable, due to its small dimensions and disrupting camouflage painting. Explosive reactive armor (ERA) increases the level of protection against single-charge HEAT warheads, APFSDS projectiles and ATGMs fitted with tandem HEAT warheads.
The vehicle’s sides are completely protected by add-on ERA screens and grilled shields, which, in conjunction with armored compartments on the hull sides, provide reliable crew protection against light anti-tank weapons. The hull rear is also protected by grilled shields. Moreover, because the main armament is mounted on the turret roof, the turret front plate has no weak areas and is strengthened by integral ERA. Protection of the crew from secondary fragments inside the hull and turret is provided by anti-spall fabric liners. In addition, the fuel inside and outside the vehicle is housed in armored compartments.

Despite its impressive armoring, the BMPT features high mobility and maneuverability. This is achieved by installing a 1000hp four-stroke liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, advanced powertrain and chassis, ensuring soft riding and increased cross-country capacity.
The Russian vehicle is ideal for combat missions in urban areas, mountainous and forest terrain. It is maneuverable, because its armaments do not extend beyond the hull when the turret turns, while the laying angles allow engagement of various targets, from basements to the upper floors of buildings.

Today, buying the tank support combat vehicle, the Army takes care of every soldier, the whole unit and its combatants, protecting them reliably from enemy fire.

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