Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IAI to Show Naval Jumper Missile at IMDEX

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)/MLM Division of Systems, Missiles and Space Group will present a new maritime application for its autonomous artillery system – Jumper at the Singapore International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference – IMDEX Asia 2011. IAI's exhibit will be located in booth M-1 from May 18th to May 20th, 2011.

Designed and manufactured by MLM Division, the Jumper is an innovative concept for precise tactical weapon system, supporting the maneuvering echelon. The Jumper missiles are launched from a Vertical Launcher Hive (VLH) to precisely and effectively strike targets at ranges of up to 50 Km (fragmentation or penetration).

The VLH can be deployed on a truck or on the ground for Army /Marine operations or on a vessel deck for sea-to-land fire support. The VLH is composed of eight or more canistered wooden round missiles and one integrated command and control unit. Each Jumper missile is GPS/INS and optional Laser seeker guided for optimal operation in the battlefield.

The Jumper system provides the maneuvering force commander with autonomous, immediate, and precise fire – regardless of weather and visibility conditions. The system, using the autonomous VLH pack, enables to maximize the investment toward the required operational effect rather than in platforms and crews.

Itzhak Nissan, President and CEO of IAI said: "IAI is always striving to achieve new goals and extract its abilities to the max. In this maritime exhibition we shall present our advanced technologies and products, which deliver our clients the best solutions in all fronts."

IAI's exhibit will feature a wide array of products and technologies:

-- IAI/MBT Missiles Division of Systems, Missiles and Space Group, will present its Naval Barak-8 - long range missile defense and air defense systems; Naval Lahat - an advanced Laser Homing Attack Missile.

-- IAI/MALAT Division will present its comprehensive solutions for the maritime arena, based on its fixed-wing Maritime Heron unmanned aerial system (UAS) and naval rotary UAV (NRUAV) vertical takeoff/landing (VTOL) System. Maritime Heron System has an automated takeoff and landing capability and its Naval Rotary UAV (NRUAV) is capable of operating from a land base as well as from a dynamic maritime platform (any ship landing deck).

-- ELTA Systems Ltd., IAI's group and subsidiary will present advanced systems among them: Multi-function Surveillance Track and Guidance Radar (MF-STAR) EL/M 2248 and Advanced Lightweight Phased Array Naval Radar (ALPHA) EL/M 2258, Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) EL/1-3360 and a SIGNIT/COMINT Suite – UAV Integrated Communication Intelligence (COMINT) EL/K-7071.

-- TAMAM Division of the Missiles, Systems and Space Group will present part of their stabilized Plug-In Optronic Payload (POP) Family– POP300LR Observer, Mini-POP and the SeaMOSP - Multi-Mission Optronic Stabilized Payload – MOSP3000.

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