Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RAF Deploys Enhanced Paveway III for Libya Ops

Royal Air Force capabilities for missions over Libya have been increased with the arrival of ‘bunker busting’ 2000lb bombs.

Enhanced Paveway III (EPWIII) bombs, designed to punch through the roof or wall of a hardened building, have arrived at Gioia Del Colle in Southern Italy.

The first set has been prepared for use and could be loaded onto an aircraft and flown to attack a Qadhafi regime target in Libya in just a few hours.

The arrival of EPWIII adds to a suite of complementary air to ground weapons carried by the RAF’s Typhoon and Tornado aircraft.

With Enhanced Paveway II, Paveway IV, and Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone the RAF was already equipped to strike a range of targets while minimising collateral damage.

EPWIII gives the RAF an additional capability to attack hardened structures in Libya like command centres or communications nodes. Such targets are key to disrupting Regime control of its forces preventing attacks that could target civilians.

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