Monday, August 15, 2011

Israel ‘Secret’ Tamuz Missile disclosed

After years of successful operational use, the Artillery Corps reveals "the most accurate ground missile"

The Artillery Brigade reveals the most precise electro-optic missile, 'Tamuz' and the APC 'Hafiz' which carries its launch tower and deadly missiles. The Tamuz missile, developed by the Armament Development Authority, was declared operational in the 1980s though remained a mystery till this Monday (Aug. 1).

The missile has a powerful, hollow explosive capable of hitting highly-concealed targets and is directed by its operator till the very instant it hits. Thus acquiring the ability to select a target, home in on it and achieve an exact hit almost every single time, during both day and night time.

With a range of 20km and speed of 220 meters per second, along with the absolute silence as it travels through the air, the missile creates a powerful surprise factor. It can home in on moving objects and is used against anti-tank targets as well as against terrorist groups and buildings used for terrorist activities. The Tamuz missile was first used in the Second Lebanon War.

The uniqueness of the Tamuz missile is its ability to independently track a target both stationary and in motion. A special camera is installed on the Tamuz tracking the target along with the missile. Most use of the missile is done via simulations due to its high cost.

The operators go through intensive training mostly using simulators. "It's essential to learn how to properly direct the launcher to the target," explains Col. Sharon, Kelah David Division Support Unit Commander, "the missile has a unique flight pattern, and once fired it cannot be undone."

"It's crucial to teach the operators how to choose the appropriate targets and not any random target on the field," adds Col. Sharon, "if an actual tank in motion is recognized, we can home in on it and hit. Almost every single missile fired hits its target. Once fired, the missile spends 30 - 40 seconds in the air."

"This is the most accurate ground system," adds Artillery Corps Commander Brig. Gen. David Swisa, "it's exact and can even hit inside the window of a house. He can hit the desired target even based on an inaccurate waypoint, and is extremely useful against launchers. This could be critical on the battlefield."

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