Monday, August 15, 2011

Second trial of Arjun Mark-II tanks begins at Pokharan

The second trial of Arjun–Mark II, the advance version of India’s main battle tank, has begun in Pokharan firing range. The trial is aimed at testing the range and strength of the tank and other weaknesses pointed out in the first trail.

Following the first trial, the Indian Army had highlighted the need of some more technical requirements.

Arjun’s new version boasts of an improved missile firing range apart from a latest laser system, which can detect explosives on the ground.

Following the trial, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will be making suitable changes in the tank on the advice of military experts. This advanced version of the tank is likely to be inducted into the Indian Army by next year.

“The trial of the advance version of Arjun has started in Pokharan firing range. This is a development trial and the tanks will be handed over to the Indian Army after removing all the faults pointed out by the military experts,” Col SD Goswamy, Defence spokesperson, said.

Apart from its phenomenal missile launching capabilities, Arjun Mark II also has an enhanced auxiliary power unit, explosive reactive armour panels, mine plough, automatic target tracking, advanced land navigation system, digital control harness, and advanced commander panoramic sight among various other features.

One of the critical features of the tank is that a missile can be fired from it to destroy long range targets and also shoot down enemy helicopters.

The upgraded version of Arjun, which has been fitted with German engine, was inducted in the Indian Army over a year ago. The Indian Army has placed an order for 124 such tanks.

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