Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th International UVS-TECH 2010 Kick's off

At the 4th International Forum and Exhibition Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems - UVS-TECH 2010, held as part of Engineering Technologies 2010 that opens today in Zhukovsky,Russian Helicopters rotorcraft-manufacturing holding company showcases two perspective unmanned helicopters, Korshun and Ka-135.

These models are designed under Russian Helicopters program on developing a broad spectrum of vertical take-off and landing UAVs within three categories: long range (over 400 km), medium range (up to 400 km) and close range (up to 100 km).

Korshun medium-range unmanned helicopter weighs 500 kg and enjoys the range of 300 km, payload of 150 kg and maximum speed of 170 km/h. In the niche of close-range vehicles Russian Helicopters debuts Ka-135, new UAV of co-axial scheme with piston-engine and tricycle landing gear, weighing 300 kg and boasting up to100 km operational range, up to 100 kg payload and 170 km/h max speed.

Both unmanned helicopters are multi-purpose and feature the capability of equipping base platform with a variety of functional modules. They are intended for monitoring the environment, aerial patrol and security, transporting cargo, ecological monitoring, meteorological tasks, providing communication with hard-to-reach areas.

“Unmanned helicopters are a new on-going trend in world unmanned aviation evolving within the past decade. We estimate UAV market as one of the most dynamic and highly perspective. Russian rotorcraft industry should take a niche on this market. In current context our company’s main task is to develop up-to-date and competitive UAVs that are multifunctional, highly reliable and easily maintainable“, states Andrei Shibitov, COO Russian Helicopters.

Russian Helicopters plans to design various-purpose unmanned vehicle systems for a wide range of operations.

“Manned light helicopters like Mi-34, Ka-226, Patrol, Ansat, Aktai can be utilized as platforms for developing unmanned systems”, says Unmanned helicopters’ systems program director Gennady Bebeshko. –“At presentRussian Helicopters conducts initiative R&D to define technical configuration of unmanned helicopter automatic control system. This project is financed out of Russian Helicopters own funds”.

Russian Helicopters, JSC is an affiliated company of UIC Oboronprom. It is the managing body of the following helicopter industry enterprises: Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, Vpered Moscow Machine-Building Plant, Stupino Machine Production Plant, Reductor-PM , Helicopter Service Company (VSK) and Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant.

UIC Oboronprom, JSC is a multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. Its main tasks include helicopter engineering (Russian Helicopters managing company), engine-building (United Engine Industry Corporation managing company), air defense systems and complex electronic systems (Defense Systems holding company), and other machine-building activities. The companies of the group reported revenues of over 130 billion roubles in 2009.

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