Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russia To Strengthen Black Sea Fleet with 15 New Combat Ships and Subs

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will have 15 new surface ships (Project 22350 frigates) and diesel submarines (Project 677 Lada), RIA Novosti reports with reference to Commander of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky. In addition, two vessels of the Baltic Fleet will be redeployed to the Black Sea to struggle against piracy.

“In total, we plan to build 15 frigates and non-nuclear submarines for the Black Sea Fleet before 2020,” the official said. The construction of one frigate and one non-nuclear submarine will begin already this year.

"The Black Sea Fleet will be rearmed with new vessels, it will not be a matter of relocating vessels from other fleets,” Vysotsky said.

Project 22350 was based upon Project 1135 Krivak IV class frigate and it is the most modern Russian frigate and is derived from the Project 1135.6 Talwar class built for the Indian Navy.

Project 677 Lada is a "fourth generation" diesel-electric submarine, it's an highly improved version of the Project 636 Kilo class with much quieter and new combat systems, and possibly air-independent propulsion. Several less capable variants of Lada class like the Project 1650 Amur class have been designed for export.

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  1. Amur class was pitched to india before few months as a replacement for kilo