Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zvezdochka shipyard plans to complete upgrade of INS Sindhurakshak in 2012

The sub is expected to arrive to Zvezdochka for further repairs early August. INS Sindhurakshak will be the fifth Project 877EKM submarine passed overhaul at Severodvinsk's shipyard.

As it was previously reported, the corresponding contract was signed between Indian defense ministry and Zvezdochka on June 4, 2010 in Delhi. In the course of works the sub will be rearmed; the standard torpedo armament will be modernized, and missile system Club-S will be mounted into the submarine (developed by Novator Design Bureau). The upgrade also provides installation of some Indian-made systems like sonar USHUS and radio communication system CCS-MK. In 2008 Zvezdochka shipyard completed overhaul of the forth same-class Indian submarine Sindhuvijay. The first one – INS Sindhuvir – was repaired in 1999; the second one – INS Sindhuratna – left the yard in 2002; the third sub – INS Sindhughosh – passed overhaul in 2005. In fall 2009 FSUE Rosoboronexport and Indian Navy signed a contract on armament upgrade (including installation of missile system Club-S) of four Project 877EKM diesel subs – INS Sindhuratna, INS Sindhuraj, INS Sindhushastra, and INS Sindhuvir. Zvezdochka was assigned a major executor of the rearmament contract. The upgrade will be performed at Indian yards. Along with contracting parties (OKB Novator, NPO Avrora, and SPO Arktika) Zvezdochka will complete those works within the nearest five years.

Diesel electric submarine S63 Sindhurakshak was laid down in Feb 1995 at Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard by order of Indian Navy. In Dec 1997 the ship was delivered to the orderer and obtained the current name. The Project 877EKM was developed by Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering.

Surface displacement is 2,300 tons; length is 72.6 meters; beam is 9.9 meters; surface speed is 10 knots; submerged speed is 19 knots; operational range is 6,000 miles; endurance is 45 days; test depth is 300 meters; crew is 52; armament: six 533-mm torpedo tubes.

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