Tuesday, July 6, 2010

India and Russia plan for INDRA 2010 exercise

India and Russia have started planning for INDRA 2010 exercise. A working group of Russian officers had visited India on 17th may to participate in the first planning discussions on the INDRA 2010 exercise. The exercise will focus on peacekeeping roles.

In accordance with previous agreements, the exercise is planned in autumn in India, involving up to 150 troops from the RF Armed Forces. Russia will involve motorized rifle company from the separate motorized rifle brigade (mountain).

During the consultations, the sides will work out a detailed plan of the exercises, reconnoiter the area where the exercise will take place and discuss sustaining Russian soldiers and their systems.

The second conference is scheduled in June – July in Russia.

Contacts Russian and Indian armies and the annual joint military exercises have already become traditional. It is expected that the given will promote development of military and military-technical cooperation between the Armed Forces of Russia and India, as well as strengthening the authority and positions of the Russian Federation in the South Asian region.

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