Tuesday, August 3, 2010

German Sub Delivered to Portuguese Navy

The Portuguese navy said Monday it had taken delivery of one of two submarines it has ordered from the German Submarine Consortium (GSC), even as the sale is under investigation in both countries.

"The Trident arrived at the Lisbon naval base around 11 a.m.," the Navy said.

Portugal signed a contract with GSC six years ago for two U-214 submarines for 770 million euros (1.0 billion dollars), a sum that has increased due to delays. The second submarine is expected for delivery in the first quarter next year.

The submarine sale is however under investigation in both Germany and Portugal for alleged bribes that were made in exchange for the contracts won by GSC, which includes the naval shipbuilders HDW and Ferrostaal.

The Portuguese inquiry has also focused on seven Portuguese nationals and three Germans for allegedly submitting false bills in connection with the sub sale.

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