Friday, August 6, 2010

U.S. to purchase Mirage fighters

U.S. Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc., an Aerospace/Defense Services contractor that offers air-combat training, aerial refueling, aircraft maintenance, disaster response services, and other Aerospace/Defense services to the United States and Foreign militaries and agencies, is pleased to announce that it has submitted a proposal for the purchase of 12 Dassault Mirage military aircraft to the government of a foreign allied country.

To support its air services growth strategy, post-acquisition of Tactical Air Support, Inc., (Tac-Air), TADF believes that the acquisition of the 12 Mirage military aircraft would better position the Company, together with Tac-Air, to capture the aerial services contracts that it is currently pursuing or evaluating with the U.S. and foreign-allied governments.

The Mirage aircraft that TADF is negotiating to purchase are advanced supersonic fighter jets that are used by militaries around the world.

Alexis C. Korybut, Chief Executive Officer of TADF, stated, "We believe the acquisition of a fleet of Mirage aircraft, in conjunction with the military aircraft currently owned by Tac-Air, would position TADF to capture a much larger portion of the rapidly growing business of supplying aerial services to the U.S. and foreign militaries."

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