Friday, October 29, 2010

DEFENSYS 2010 kick's off

Official Inauguration Ceremony Defensys 2010 in Thessaloniki.17 ministers and deputy ministers from European Union, NATO and Mediterranean countries lengthier, ambassadors and military leaders.
The report comprises 28 delegations will last until October 31, and during the conference to be held down, multilateral and bilateral meetings.

the 1st International Defense & Security Exhibition, was officially presented to members of the foreign Diplomatic Corps in Greece by the administration of TIF SA, in the presence of the Minister of National Defense, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos.

The representatives of the foreign Diplomatic Corps, ambassadors and military attaches from various countries, warmly welcomed the new exhibition event and expressed their willingness to contribute towards its success. Indeed, in the immediate future, they are going to invite enterprises active in the defense sector of their countries to participate in the event.

Explaining his decision to hold Defensys in Thessaloniki, the Minister of National Defense, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, said that he considered the city as the most appropriate to host the event, since in 2012 it is going to become the seat for NATO’s Quick Response Force. The Minister underlined that Thessaloniki was selected so as to enhance the quality and effectiveness of this exhibition and added that the Ministry is going to place Defensys under its auspices and support the event; indeed, he is going to invite the Ministers of National Defense from numerous countries to the first Defensys 2010.

Defensys presentation was also attended by the new TIF SA President, Mr. Yiannis Konstantinou, and the President of TCCI, Mr. Dimitris Bakatselos, who also participates in Defensys organising body.

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