Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swedish Battle Boats Starts Trials in Netherlands and UK

In future international operations Swedish combat craft may be used but it must be possible to load and unload the boats on larger ships for further transport. Two Swedish combat boats are now being tested in the Netherlands and in UK.

FMV has allowed the Swedish Dockstavarvet shipyard to rebuild two combat boats of the CB90 model. The boats have been upgraded so that they can be lifted with existing davits on Dutch and British ships. Sweden is lending two boats for six month trials in the Netherlands and Great Britain.

“The trials aim to verify that the boats can be winched on board the larger ships," said Kristofer Gattberg, Project Manager at FMV. Meanwhile, the two countries have the opportunity to look closely at the Swedish combat boats.

Future challenges at sea, and in coastal areas such as disaster areas, threats from pirates and terrorists requires cooperation between countries. The Swedish Armed Forces Amphibious regiment already has a good cooperation with their colleagues in the Netherlands and Great Britain. The Swedish combat boats have attracted considerable interest in both countries.

Both the Dutch and the British navy want to be able to operate in coastal areas and they need to supplement their landing craft with some kind of combat craft. There is also the requirement that boats be easily taken on board the larger vessel to be moved over the longer distances associated with international operations.

“Within FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces this project is about learning for the future. The redevelopment of the CB90 significantly will expand the use of the boat. The boats can easily be loaded and unloaded and be used anywhere in the world, "said Kristofer Gattberg.
In the autumn Swedish, Dutch and British Amphibious squadrons will practice together.

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