Wednesday, October 27, 2010

US Plans $2 Billion Military Package for Pakistan

The United States has no stronger partner when it comes to counterterrorism efforts against the extremists who threaten us both than Pakistan. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifice and service that the men and women, particularly the soldiers of the military in Pakistan, have made in order to restore order and go after those who threaten the very institutions of the state of Pakistan. 

The military working group has had productive discussions this week about our work together to combat terrorism and eliminate violent extremism and the organizations that promote it that are operating in Pakistan. These groups threaten the security, first and foremost, of the people of Pakistan, of neighbors of the United States and indeed of the world. 

In keeping with our enduring commitment to help Pakistan plan for its defense needs, I am pleased to announce our Multi-Year Security Assistance Commitment to Pakistan. We will request $2 billion in foreign military assistance from Congress for 2012 through 2016. 

This will complement the $7.5 billion in civilian projects that has already been approved in the Kerry-Lugar-Berman legislation. 

Later this morning, Secretary Gates will update you on other aspects of our bilateral military discussions.

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