Monday, June 13, 2011

IAI to Unveil Low-Collateral Damage LGB

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will unveil the MLGB, a new advanced Medium-weight Laser Guided Bomb at the upcoming Le Bourget Airshow opens June 20th near Paris. MLGB is a dual mode Laser Guided/ GPS guided weapon optimized for Light Attack aircraft.

MLGB is 170 cm long and weighs just 115 kg, of which the bulk is the capable warhead.
Precise homing of the MLGB is achieved against both stationary and moving targets, taking advantage of its laser homing capability.

Its fixed wings are in a cruciform configuration and spans 82 cm. and it is carried by standard 14" lugs.

The MLGB includes an advanced multi-mode fuse that allows for height, impact or delayed (penetration capable) operation.

Carriage and release envelope are compatible with fighters and light combat aircraft.

The MLGB boasts optimal navigation and guidance capabilities, achieving hit accuracies of better than 1m CEP in SAL (Semi Active Laser) mode, and GPS accuracies in GPS mode.

Prior to release, the MLGB is powered up and mission parameters are loaded.

Upon release, a midcourse navigation trajectory is executed with transition to terminal homing taking place in the final flight stage, using a combination of GPS and semi- active laser (SAL) guidance.

The relatively light warhead is optimized for such missions where minimum collateral damage is of high importance

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