Sunday, June 19, 2011

Israel to Test Magic Wand Anti-Missile System

The Magic Wand mid-range anti-missile system could be operational in the next few years

The Magic Wand mid-range anti-missile system will soon undergo a full test and could become operational within the next few years, Pini Yungman of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said at the 2011 Military and Aviation Conference.

The Magic Wand system "successfully deals with threats that no other system in the world is capable of neutralizing," Yungman said.

Yungman said that Israel faces threats from long and short-range missiles as well as cruise missiles.

Magic Wand is intended to deal with a wide range of threats, and is essentially designed to fill a gap between the Iron Dome system for short-range missiles, such as the Qassam, and the Arrow for long-range missiles such as the Iraqi Scud and the Iranian Shihab. The Magic Wand system will operate in conjunction with other anti-missile systems, including the Iron Dome, Arrow and Patriot systems.

The Magic Wand has the capability to cope with both ground and air-based threats, including aircraft.

"The state of Israel cannot afford to be attacked by enemy aircraft, and the Magic Wand will provide it the exact protection needed to deal with this," Yungman said.

Yungman said that operational tests run on the Magic Wand system in recent months have proven its quality and effectiveness.

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