Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Belarus to exhibit military electronics, drones at MAKS-2011

Several Belarusian firms will showcase over 40 types of military-purpose electronic equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at the MAKS-2011 air show near Moscow in August, a Belarusian defense industry official said.

"The Belarusian exhibit will be set up under the general sponsorship of BelTechExport, a Belarusian arms exporter," spokesman for the State Military and Industrial Committee Vladimir Lavrenyuk said on Thursday.

The exhibit will feature various types of flat-screen tactical displays and military tablet PCs, mock-up models of a command and a fire-control vehicle, and a sophisticated electronic surveillance system.

The Indela design bureau and the 558th aircraft repair plant will showcase for the first time the Strela (Arrow) target drone and a series of UAVs, including Grif-1, which won critical acclaim at the recent MILEX-2011 exhibition in Belarus.

The MAKS-2011 air show will be held in Zhukovsky outside Moscow on August 16-21.

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