Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blohm + Voss Launch Production of the First Class 125 Frigate

With an official ceremony in Hamburg on 9 May 2011 Bloom + Voss initiated the production of the first Class 125 Frigate. Among the numerous guests were the Chief of Staff Navy, Vice Admiral Schimpf, members of the Naval Staff, representatives from politics, defense and industry, as well as representatives from the Naval Office, the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB) and its agencies.

The German Navy procures four Class 125 Frigates, a completely new and innovative type of vessel that will usher in a new era of ship operation. In comparison to the preceding classes the new vessels require significantly less personnel for operation. They are designed for intensive use and long endurance periods at sea of up to 2 years without scheduled yard periods.

The F125 is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and effectors that support stabilization tasks and, at the same time, provide the capabilities to detect, identify and counter asymmetric threats. The equipment includes a TRS-3D/NR multi-functional radar by EADS/CASSIDIAN, as well as a powerful electrooptical component to ensure the continuous surveillance, detection and tracking of targets at short and very short range.

Production of the first Class 125 Frigate starts at shipbuilding hangar 3 at Blohm + Voss’ shipyard (Source: ARGE F125)Größere Abbildung anzeigenThe Class 125 Frigates will be the first ones to be equipped with four multi-role “fighting crafts”. Due to the F125’s signature requirements these 10 m long boats are stored behind panels in special recesses. They play an important role in the F125’s capabilities and the vessel’s overall construction.

Constructing robust systems and reducing the maintenance resources required while at the same time significantly cutting down on crew size – these are the main challenges of the F125 project.

Delivery of the first vessel, the “Baden-Württemberg”, is scheduled for March 2016. The remaining three vessels will follow in 11-month intervals so that the last vessel will undergo final acceptance trials and be handed over to the Navy in December 2018.

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