Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NSM Demonstrates Precision Land Strike

Kongsberg has conducted the first ever live-fire with the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) against a land target. This demonstration is a milestone in Kongsberg’s missile business extending the portfolio of operational capabilities from the sea-target domain to include precision strike against land targets.

The missile was launched from a land-based mobile vehicle platform which is part of the Polish Navy Coastal Squadron. The missile performed a tactical flight in excess of 150 km, before precisely hitting the specified land target.

“This firing documents the versatility of and positions NSM as the first choice for long range precision strike against heavily defended targets,” says Harald Ă…nnestad, President of Kongsberg Defence Systems.

The NSM is in series production for the Norwegian Navy, the Fridtjof Nansen class frigates and Skjold class coastal corvettes, and the Polish Navy Coastal Squadron system. Deliveries for the platforms are scheduled for 2011-2014.

The NSM is the only 5th generation long range precision strike missile in existence today. The missile combines unsurpassed penetration capability due to “low observable” shape, super sea skim, high-G random maneuvers and I3R seeker with Autonomous Target Recognition (ATR) providing programmable hit-point and optimized fuze-setting,

“With the demonstrated NSM capability we today provide the same strike capabilities that other concepts plan for the 2030 timeframe. In addition NSM has unsurpassed advantages in the littorals and a seeker with Autonomous Target Recognition (ATR),” states President Ă…nnestad.

Kongsberg now market the following leading missile products:
-- Penguin for naval helicopters
-- NSM for ships and trucks
-- JSM (Joint Strike Missile) for F-35

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