Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Egypt Orders Three Airbus Military C295 Aircraft

The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) signed a contract with Airbus Military for the acquisition of three C295 aircraft. The aircraft are to be delivered from 2011 and will be used to increase the Egyptian Air Force’s capacity in tactical and logistic transport. The Egyptian Air Force herewith becomes a new Airbus Military customer.

The Egyptian Air Force selected the C295 because of its ease of maintenance and proven operational capabilities, especially in desert areas. Furthermore, its versatility and adaptability to the most varied type of conditions and operations were another key element in the selection of the Airbus Military C295.

Today, 85 C295 have been ordered by 13 customers, 64 of which are being operated in 11 countries.

The new generation C295 is the ideal aircraft for defence and civic missions to the benefit of society, such as humanitarian actions, maritime patrol, environmental surveillance missions, amongst others. Thanks to its robustness and reliability, and with simple systems, this medium sized tactical airlifter provides wide versatility and flexibility, necessary for personnel, troop and bulky/palletized cargo transportation, casualty evacuation, communication and logistic duties or certified air-dropping capabilities.

Its mix of dual technology civil/military equipment ensure success on demanding tactical missions, growth potential for future equipment as well as compatibility with the latest civil airspace environment. The C295 is part of Airbus Military’s family of light and medium airlifters which also include the smaller C212 and CN235 platforms.

Airbus Military is the only military and civil transport aircraft manufacturer to develop, produce, sell and support a comprehensive family of airlifters ranging from three to 45 tonnes of payload.

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