Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First production C-5M arrives at Dover AFB

The first production C-5M Super Galaxy arrived for duty at Dover Air Force Base Nov. 5. Gen. Raymond E. Johns Jr., commander of Air Mobility Command, flew the Super Galaxy from Stewart Air National Guard Base, N.Y., to its operational home at Dover AFB.

"The creativity and hard work demonstrated here have set conditions for success of next generation of mobility Airmen," General Johns said during a ceremony at Stewart ANGB marking the occasion.

The first production C-5M arrived at Stewart ANGB Oct. 4 and underwent the final stages of its modernization.

Maintainers at the 105th Airlift Wing worked around the clock transforming the C-5M interior and giving the aircraft a new look in just 26 calendar days. Not only did they recondition and refurbish the first production C-5M, they also redefined how active duty, Reserve, Air Guard and industry partners go about solving Air Force-wide, large-scale complex problems. The end result is a more effective warfighting machine at a significant cost savings, officials said.

The total force team developed and delivered an unprecedented standardized interior that will be applied to the entire C-5M fleet.

"While the C-5 has been supporting the warfighter for decades, you've made it even more capable," General Johns said.

The C-5 heavy-transport aircraft has been part of the Air Force inventory for four decades. With the new Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program, or RERP, the aircraft is forecast to be in service another 40 years. RERP outfits the aircraft with new, quieter, more powerful and fuel-efficient engines and 70 other enhancements.

RERP is the second part of a two-phase upgrade that also includes the Avionics Modernization Program. AMP upgrades improve 1960s and 1970s technology to meet global commercial airspace standards and ensure safe and unrestricted access to global air traffic routes.

The C-5 aircraft that undergo both the AMP and RERP upgrades are designated C-5M, also known as the "Super Galaxy." AMC officials began an aggressive program to modernize all remaining C-5Bs and C-5Cs and many of the C-5As in the AMC inventory. The C-5 modernization began in 1998 and officials plan to upgrade 52 Galaxies to "super" status by the end of 2016.

Compared to older C-5 Galaxies, the C-5M has greatly improved reliability, efficiency, maintainability and availability, reducing total ownership and operating costs of the heavy strategic lift aircraft for the U.S. Air Force.

The C-5M strategic airlifter, a national asset, has re-set records for distance, time, speed, cargo capacity and improved reliability with reduced fuel consumption.

C-5 modernization ensures this critical national strategic airlift resource will be available to the warfighter and combatant commander's in today's fight and far into the future, officials said.

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