Tuesday, November 9, 2010

US Lifts Restrictions On Space and Defence Trade with India

India and the United States have taken far reaching decisions to forge strategic cooperation including US lifting restrictions on hi-tech trade in space and defence areas. US have also decided to support India's membership in the multilateral control regimes such as nuclear Suppliers Group-NSG. They will also step up civil nuclear cooperation.

To counter terrorism, the US Homeland security and the Ministry of Home Affairs will start a dialogue on securing ports, airports and borders in the country. The US has firmly ruled out any third party mediation in resolving the Kashmir.

Highlighting the decisions of the Summit Talks with the US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh told a joint press conference that India is committed to resolve all problems with Pakistan but simultaneously Pakistan should ensure that it moves away from terror induced coercion.

He said that New Delhi is happy to engage Pakistan productively and not afraid of talks with Islamabad. But he made it clear that one cannot continue talking while terror machine is as active is as before. He however said that a strong, peaceful and moderate Pakistan is in the interest of India and South Asia.

Dr. Singh welcomed the US decision to lift the sanctions on hi-tech trade to India and its support to India in the Nuclear Suppliers Group to boost the civil nuclear cooperation. He said the two sides have agreed to deepen cooperation in defence and other high-end spectrum. Increased US investment in high technology flow, including nuclear energy is welcomed by New Delhi. He said Indian investment has helped increase competitiveness of US economy. Both the sides have decided to broaden strategic dialogue in other areas and initiate joint step in Africa and Afghanistan.

President Obama said that they have agreed on the need of all nations to take steps to ensure that there are no safe havens for terrorists. He said that he is happy to play any role to reduce tension between India and Pakistan.

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