Tuesday, November 2, 2010

N.Korea Offers Torpedo Sample in Sunken Ship Row

North Korea said Tuesday it was ready to provide torpedo samples to back up its denial of responsibility for the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship.

It said aluminium alloy fragments salvaged by South Korea from the site of the sinking in March "prove themselves that the torpedo was not from the north".

North Korean torpedoes are "made of steel alloy material", not aluminum alloy made in other countries, the country's powerful National Defence Commission said.

North Korea said it was still willing to hand a steel alloy sample from its torpedoes to the United States and South Korea, in an official statement carried by the state Korean Central News Agency said.

The commission rejected as the "most hideous conspiratorial farce in history" the findings of a Seoul-led multinational probe which blamed a North Korean torpedo for the sinking near the disputed border in the Yellow Sea.

In September, South Korea concluded in a final report that a torpedo attack by a North Korean submarine sank the corvette and killed 46 sailors.

As material evidence, the South presented aluminium fragments allegedly from a North Korean torpedo.

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